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Erin McNerney, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Empowerment, Education, Enlightenment
Specializing in Children and Families

No one said navigating life was easy. But you don’t have to feel like you’re going it alone. Parenting can be rewarding and fulfilling but always presents us with new challenges, and being a kid isn’t so easy in today’s world either. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I have been working with children and families for over 20 years specializing in the areas of autism, ADHD, and other behavior related issues. Our mental health is critical and having the information, strategies, and acceptance to prioritize it should be of utmost importance. If you are feeling concerned about your child’s behavior, struggling with how to best support him or her, overwhelmed by too much advice and suggestions from the internet, and wondering how to balance your own life at the same time, I am here to help guide and support you. I provide diagnostic evaluations, consultation, and ongoing therapy using cognitive-behavioral and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approaches. It’s time to empower yourself!

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

William James

All About Therapy

Learn About My Methods


Initial Consultation

Find out if my services are right for you

Selecting the right professional is critical. I offer free 20-minute consultations via phone or in the office. This allows me to explain my services and approach and allows you to see if we will work well together.

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Diagnostic Evaluation

Assessment to tailor treatment to unique needs

I specialize in assessment for autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and other behavior or developmental disorders. Differential diagnosis is extremely helpful in guiding treatment recommendations and referrals.

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Individual and Family Therapy

Education, Empowerment, and Enlightenment - with some effort!

In therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems as well as identify barriers keeping you from reaching your potential. Using strategies from CBT and ACT you will learn how not just to "manage" emotions and stress, but to "allow" them, thereby releasing their hold on you and freeing you to become who you truly want to be.

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Contact Me

Irvine, CA, USA

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About Me

Parent and Psychologist

I obtained my BA in Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I then spent some time working and traveling before returning to UCSB's Counseling, Clinical, School Psychology program where I obtained a Master's in Counseling Psychology and my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I also received a certificate in Interdisciplinary Human Development. Throughout my graduate education I specialized in children and families, specifically working with individuals with autism, ADHD, and other behavior challenges. I have worked 1:1 providing therapy as well as conducted parent training for individuals and groups. I spent many years serving in a clinical director role for an agency providing behavior-based services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities. I was able to oversee children's programs, as well as train and supervise numerous staff, which was highly rewarding. However, over the past few years, we have seen an increase in depression and anxiety in children and adolescents, along with a staggering rise in autism diagnoses. Both autism and ADHD are at risk for co-morbid mental health issues. All of these factors place additional stress on the already difficult job of parenting. So I decided to devote my full energy to providing mental health services to those families in need of support. My background in counseling and clinical psychology, along with my years of direct experience working with autism, ADHD, anxiety and other behavior challenges places me in the unique position to help you navigate the mental health system for you and your child. A parent of four, I have also learned firsthand about the mental health system and special education system in Orange County. Contact me for a consultation - let's work together to empower you and your family.

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